Our fashion collection

It's KÖSS, we pride ourselves on bringing you comfortable and eco-friendly clothing.

Indeed, our collection is made up of clothes made of 80% or more organic cotton.

About organic cotton

According to Greenpeace Ethical fashion or fast fashion , 18 million tons of cotton are produced each year despite the dramatic impact on the environment of this crop which consumes the most pesticides!

Fortunately, there is an alternative to take advantage of the advantages of cotton (supple, skin-friendly, resistant and easy to wash).

What is the difference between conventional cotton and organic cotton?

Organic cotton is grown without pesticides, insecticides or chemical fertilizers, and without GMOs . Thus, cotton is grown with a reduced amount of water compared to conventional cotton, and producers use natural fertilizers and insecticides, which do not harm the surrounding ecosystems, do not deplete the soil, and are not toxic to men working on the production line.

Finally, did you know that organic cotton has particularly strong fibres. The garments are strong and durable, and are less easily damaged due to the harsh treatments that traditional cotton undergoes.

Thus, opting for organic cotton is an excellent way to consume more responsibly.