Nos emballages d'expédition

Our shipping packaging

Our shipping bags are 100% compostable (biodegradable) polyethylene bags. It is made from cornstarch and can decompose in an ideal composting environment for 45 days.
These bags are certified and compostable (biodegradable) according to global standards, including European EN13432, Australian AS4736, AS5810 and American ASTM D6400 standards, mainly exported to UK, Australia, USA, etc.
All compostable (biodegradable) products are suitable for various waste treatment methods; natural decomposition, composting and incineration completely biodegrades into water and carbon dioxide, without any pollution to the natural ecology.
The main advantage of PBAT PLA corn starch biodegradable bags over conventional plastics is that they avoid the use of fossil resources through the use of biomass. In theory, this biomass offers the potential for carbon neutrality, thus contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
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